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"Every bad person in the world is the hero of their own story.

--The Letter Mage, The Secret of the Glottal Moon


The Letter Mage

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Aleph Worf-Sapir has spent all fourteen years of his life enduring the ravages of academic war, and he is over it. The second the Lunar University offers him a spot in an unprecedented peacekeeping effort—a student exchange program—he jumps at the opportunity. Aleph expects that he’ll have a chance to bring peace to the University Moons, stop the bloodshed, and keep his home safe.

Yet nothing goes according to plan. The Prism Witches of the computing department lock him away. The Warlocks of the Gear are fighting amongst themselves. Soon after he leaves, one of Aleph’s mothers is accused of murder back on the Glottal Moon. And to top it off, Aleph finds himself falling fast for a handsome spy from their origin planet—a place more dangerous than every department in the university put together. Aleph sees solutions to every source of conflict he encounters, but no one seems to pay attention to a kid.

Listen, Aleph didn’t set out to be a supervillain. But he’s quickly learning that no one’s going to pay attention to him otherwise.

About The Letter Mage

The Letter Mage is a YA space fantasy currently published on Patreon, and available in sets through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local bookstores in the Quartos series.

Set in a university spread across seven moons, Aleph explores the cracks in education and the mistrust between adults and children. 

The story continues monthly in serial installments: Patrons can pay whatever they'd like and will be charged on the first of the month following a new publication. Flash Interludes, short slice-of-life insights into the world, are published weekly for free.

Quartos include all installments and Flash Interludes, as well as a few extras.

A quick note: fanart, fanfiction, and fancrafts are supported and appreciated by the author so long as they are free. Artists who wish to charge for their work (and should be paid!) may contact me at the form/email here to discuss licensing.


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Make art. Write fanfiction! Create fanart! I love to see what The Letter Mage inspires in people. However, if you wish to sell your work for a profit, please contact me through either email or the form on the contact page to discuss licensing.


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CW: Swearing, politics, generally not targeted toward children.


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