Advance Review Copies (ARC) give you the chance to read a book before its official release—for free! In return for getting an early copy, readers are requested to leave a review on Amazon on release day. All I ask is that it’s honest—leave one star and the word “golf” if you like, although I’d prefer honest feedback.

ARC opportunities come out through the newsletter, so if you’re not signed up, you won’t hear about it. I’ve got a big release coming up, so now’s the time.

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Okay, I have a secret for you guys: I hate newsletters. I rarely open them, writing them is exhausting, and overall I feel like they're a great source of clutter. I've resisted starting up a newsletter for a long time for this exact reason.  

But they're also a great tool for both writers and readers, so I caved.

On my end, this means that no matter what happens, I can still contact my readers if I need to. Remember that Patreon scare when they tried to change their pricing? Patrons lost through that debacle don't come back--and before that, I didn't realize how reliant on Patreon I was to keep that list for me. I will never share your personal data, although I may migrate to different platforms over the course of my career.

On your end, this means you don't have to pay anything to receive updates. Newsletters are free, and this one in particular is very unobtrusive. Emails include requests for ARC (Advance Review Copy) readers, publication announcements, and general news. Becoming a subscriber also gives you access to a secret page with exclusive deals, swag, and opportunities. It’s well worth the email address.

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