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"Every bad person in the world is the hero of their own story.

--The Letter Mage, The Secret of the Glottal Moon


The Letter Mage

When 14-year-old Aleph Worf-Sapir chooses to enroll in the Lunar University's first-ever student exchange program, he already knows he's entering enemy territory.  The other departments have been attacking the tiny College of the Glottal Moon as long as he can remember. He's lost friends. He's lost family. Driven by the desire to keep his home and loved ones safe, Aleph confronts the other departments head-on. 

He has no idea what he's in for.




The Letter Mage is a YA space fantasy currently published on Patreon.  Set in a university spread across seven moons, Aleph explores the cracks in education and the mistrust between adults and children. The story continues monthly in serial installments: Patrons can pay whatever they'd like and will be charged on the first of the month following a new publication. Flash Interludes, short slice-of-life insights into the world, are published weekly for free.


"Against the Persians, we seemed small and fragile.

"But we won."




When Athens lost the Peloponnesian war, three things happened.  

One, the rebel slaves closed the borders of Attica.  Two, the groundswell of new citizens set into motion an age of science and steam: the citizens of Athens are living through an industrial revolution the likes of which the world has never known. Three, Kallinika (Kallis), daughter of Nikodoros of the People, became a princess.

Not that there's any such thing as a princess: every man is a citizen now, and every citizen has a vote.  Ten years down the line, some have risen to power; some have faded into obscurity.  Such is life. In a true democracy, every man has a chance at a bright future.

Kallis is a woman, and finds this unacceptable. 

"John Galt is killing us."

-- Ūtophoria



In the Polyarchical City of Rue, the dividing lines of government are not drawn in geography, but ideology: hundreds, maybe over a thousand economies co-exist in the same physical space.  Tiny ideological clusters form alliances under umbrella nations, huge corporations create exclusive roadways for oligarchical use only, centralized kingdoms share their resources.

No one is subject to policies they disagree with. If a citizen finds something unjust, they can apply for citizenship elsewhere.  Everyone must be happy--they all get what they want.

What could possibly go wrong?