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Anthologies and Journals

The following stories can be purchased at external links.


Story Cities

Story Cities explore ways in which stories respond to, reflect and re-imagine the city.

Explore new short fictions in multiple genres that address the city. A guide book to the fictional city, all cities, any city: its markets, squares, cafés, hotels, parks, stations and ports; the main streets, side streets, back alleys, dead ends and the crossroads. Never identified, the city has a voice of its own.

Flash Fiction. A joint venture between the University of Greenwich and Arachne Press. Description taken from the link below.


The Writers’ Rooms: Anthologies

The Writers' Rooms creates genre-specific writing spaces called Rooms that are led by Concierges, literary members of our community. They not only lead sessions, they bring their wealth of knowledge to the table through lessons, group discussion, prompts, and free-writing time. They are the backbone of our team who devote countless hours to The Writers' Rooms and to the community. At the same time, they craft their own amazing works.

The Midwest Review

Midwest Review is an annual literary magazine founded in 2013 to showcase work by writers, photographers, and artists who live in, have lived in, or have spent time in the Midwest—that diverse region of the north-central United States that includes the Great Lakes area and the upper Mississippi River valley, and the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri. Of course, the Midwest is also a state of mind.

Penn’s poem, Character Development, can be found in the seventh volume under her given name, Alexandra Penland.


Watercolor Art

Watercolors can be purchased through the external links below.


Nudibranch 01

Nudibranch: a soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusc. Incredible, vibrant creatures which come in a plethora of colors and shapes. This nudibranch was painted during the lunch lull at a convention, and comes on a number of products as well as in prints.

Sunset at the Hermit’s Hut

A small, white-background sketch of a forest hermit’s home: the setting sun catches a spiderweb as a cooking fire flickers through the window.



E-copies of The Letter Mage can be purchased directly from Penn for subscribers to the newsletter (exclusive).


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