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Reflecting October

October is sort of a hard month for me.

Mostly this is due to anniversaries.  October 13th has been dubbed "International Anti-Bitch Day" by myself and my girlfriend because it's my anniversary with not one but two weird exes, one of whom was a legitimately abusive woman.  Later in the month is the anniversary of my grandfather's death: he went out in a room filled with laughter and love, so it's not a bad memory. But it's a hard one. 

And that same week is the anniversary of the day my nuclear family disintegrated.

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In Which Alexandra Procrastinates

I have a question for all the language nerds out there: did any of you, while studying Latin in middle school, read through the Cambridge books? Where you start out with these cute little readings about a banker and his family and his dog, and you learn about festivals and slaves and artists and stuff...

...And then Mt. Vesuvius erupts and literally EVERYONE dies? 

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