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Release Day: The Human Codex

Writing this installment was like chewing rocks for some reason.

Listen, I love this story.  I love the characters, I love the plot, I love the messages and themes and world. Aleph and Alexander are an adorable couple. Herschel is every validation I needed as a kid. Esp is the parent I hope to be one day. They're my absolute darlings.

But writing a book is sort of like having a kid. You love them when they're being wonderful and sweet and you just know they'll change the world one day.  But sometimes they start dragging their feet in a grocery store or screaming their little hearts out in the middle of the library or getting overwhelmed with feelings right when you need them to just go DO something damn it. And you still love them. You do. But you don't LIKE them very much.

That was this chapter. 

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