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Reflecting On the School Crisis, Part One

I'm lucky enough to say I love my day job.

When I'm not writing, I'm a substitute teacher. I work mostly in elementary schools, with some days in middle and high schools. It's hard work. I find myself facing everything from snot zombies to impromptu Lovecraftian cults to that one kid who brings raw eggs to class. That's the job, though. Sometimes the teacher doesn't leave lesson plans, sometimes one of your first graders decides to get a little stabby with a pencil, sometimes three different kindergartners have emotional crises at once and you're trying to get them to the bus on time.

Sometimes the principal comes on the PA and tells the teachers to lock their doors.

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Reflecting October

October is sort of a hard month for me.

Mostly this is due to anniversaries.  October 13th has been dubbed "International Anti-Bitch Day" by myself and my girlfriend because it's my anniversary with not one but two weird exes, one of whom was a legitimately abusive woman.  Later in the month is the anniversary of my grandfather's death: he went out in a room filled with laughter and love, so it's not a bad memory. But it's a hard one. 

And that same week is the anniversary of the day my nuclear family disintegrated.

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In Which Alexandra Procrastinates

I have a question for all the language nerds out there: did any of you, while studying Latin in middle school, read through the Cambridge books? Where you start out with these cute little readings about a banker and his family and his dog, and you learn about festivals and slaves and artists and stuff...

...And then Mt. Vesuvius erupts and literally EVERYONE dies? 

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