Upcoming Release: The Fourth Quarto

The Letter Mage: Fourth Quarto is now available for pre-order!

In my daydreams of a Letter Mage animated series, this is the end of Season One: the College of the Gear is definitely worthy of the final-few-episodes budget, we see Esp’s trial, and… well, the big ending is one I’ll leave as a surprise for everyone else. That’s not something you want spoiled. It’s good. It’s REALLY good. It’s made-the-author-cry-in-a-coffee-shop-while-writing good.

I’m currently looking for ARC readers (advance review copies), so if you’re interested in getting a FREE copy of the Fourth Quarto, shoot me an email or sign up for the mailing list here. All I ask in return is an honest review, anywhere you can post it and preferably for the whole series. It doesn’t have to be long—just get the word out!

Alex Penland