Release Day: The Chain Of Life

The Letter Mage #7: The Chain of Life is now out and available for Patrons to read! If you're not a Patron yet, it's not too late--new Patrons have access to all previously-published installments.

This was a tough one to write. Not because the story itself is particularly complicated (this is actually a shorter installment in preparation for the March 1st release, which is going to be longer than usual), but because I was utterly inspired by the wonderful Wendy Delsol this weekend at an Iowa Writers' House workshop. Which meant I spent an inordinate amount of time re-drafting the upcoming plot, untangling a few plotlines I hadn't quite figured out, etc.  As of this writing, there are eight Quartos and 32 installments planned.

We're just getting started.

One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to ramp up the releases. Starting with Installment #9, The Letter Mage will update once a month (as opposed to every six weeks) with Flash Interludes published weekly in the interim. This is awesome for readers, who can now expect weekly content, but it also gives me more room to explore side characters.

The next Flash Interlude drops Thursday, February 22nd, and The Letter Mage #8: The Counterfeit Alphabet will be out Thursday, March 1st. 

Finally, a reminder...

The Second Quarto is coming out next month! Watch the preview below, share the hype on Twitter under the hashtag #TheLetterMage, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Alex Penland