NaNoPrepMo: Or, Updates on Why Alexandra is a Crazy Person.

With the Book Tour in full swing, October in the air, and Halloween on the way… we all know what comes next. NaNoWrimo season is approaching fast. This year I’ll be reworking an idea from middle school that is far too good to let go of (portal fantasy that turns post-apocalyptic).

I’m also taking the GRE on December 1st.

Because apparently I’m insane, my friends.

I’m looking to apply for a PhD in English with a creative track, which means Antikythera (or a few other projects I have on the backburner) may become a dissertation. Apparently I can’t do anything easy with my failed NaNo projects—2016’s failed NaNo was The Letter Mage, and Antikythera was 2017’s. I shudder to think what this year’s going to turn into.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the dates: this upcoming week is a busy one. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, I’ll be at the Cedar Rapid’s Barnes and Nobles from 6:30-8 for the ICON pre-signing. October 5-7 is ICON itself (tickets are still available!) where you come listen to me banter about steampunk for three days straight. And NEXT Thursday, October 11th, is the Local Author Book Club at M&M Books, so come chat with us about The Letter Mage! And on that Saturday the 13th, I’ll be at Cedar Rapids Public Library for their Indie Author Day.

The Letter Mage no. 15 is coming soon, so keep an eye on that too.

Here’s to Con season!

Alex Penland