New Year's 2018

I've already done my "looking back on the year" post: 2017 was a great one, at least for The Letter Mage.  So now, on the first of January, it's time to look forward.

There's so much going on.

First things first, events: I'll be at the IOWA signing on July 21! This is an amazing Iowa-local writers' event. There'll be signings, readings, and tons of local authors. I'll have copies of both the first and second Quarto with me.

Speaking of which...

The seventh installment of our crazy journey will be announced sometime next week, once I'm back in Iowa. I'll have the next Flash Interlude out later today. And (drumroll please) The Letter Mage: Second Quarto is coming out in March!

The Second Quarto will include Installments 5-8, all previously-released and several new Flash Interludes, all back matter, and will be available in both paperback and e-book form.  Keep an eye out for the cover reveal: it's coming soon!

Finally, this year I'm ramping up a service I've been offering for a while: editing.  Most of you are familiar with with the Violet Realm, where the wonderful Erin Casey and I run sessions on fantasy and sci-fi writing! But I also offer one-on-one developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and even query help.  More info on my site if you're interested.


A quick shout-out...

This year I've had the fortune of befriending some incredible authors! I wanted to give a quick shout-out to some wonderful storytellers who deserve your attention on Patreon...

Erin Casey: My partner in crime when it comes to The Writers' Rooms, and one of my beta readers for The Letter Mage.  She writes medieval and urban fantasy, and her Patreon publishes one short story a month. 

Leslie Kung: One of our concierges for The Writers' Rooms. She writes variety fiction and is incredibly talented at gritty fantasy. 

Shakyra Dunn: Awesome local author who writes fantasy! Was just a semifinalist in the Golden Book Award Contest.

Dylan Moonfire: Runs Broken Typewriter Press, and a truly talented worldbuilder. In-depth fantasy/scifi. 

Sebastian Malloy: His intro on his Patreon page speaks for itself. Just read it.

I'm sure I'm missing people! Follow me on Twitter (@AlexPenname) if you want to know more about the Iowa Creative Corridor writing community. We're full of talent.


On a personal note...

This has been a great year, and I'm starting off the new one perfectly.  We spent Christmas with my dad and his partner (who is an incredibly kind woman), got to see my family, and ate just truly insane amounts of Christmas cookies. 

For New Year's, my aunts let us stay at their cabin in Maryland. It's close to where my dad lives, so we just met up with my mom. It's snowy and gorgeous and cozy as heck. It's also cold--nowhere near as cold as our little Iowa apartment, but I still feel like I've been basically writing ON the Prismatic Moon.

It really shouldn't be a surprise, but come this time of year I'm always blown away by how amazing my family and friends are.  The support and love I feel around the people who mean the most to me is just overwhelming. 

Patrons, every single one of you is a part of this.

I couldn't do this without you.  I hope you have a wonderful upcoming year: every single one of you deserves the best world we can make.  So let's make it happen.

Here's to 2018. 

Alex Penland