December Giveaway Update

We have reached a TON of goals over the past few weeks, so it's high time to start rewarding you for it. 

First, we FLEW by the sales goal I set for the First Quarto last month--I almost blinked and missed it.  You're freaking amazing.  

So as a thank you, I set up my biggest giveaway yet: two e-books, a signed paperback First Quarto, and a T-shirt will go out to four lucky winners! Patrons, anyone who ups their pledge, and signs up as a new Patron will get extra entries, and anyone who leaves a review on any medium will get TWO extra entries. The giveaway drawing will be on New Year's Day, and anyone who likes me on Facebook will be eligible.

Second, the Prismatic Moon story arc will be finishing up with Prismatic Men: Part Two, so I've got some fun stuff lined up: starting tomorrow, I'm going to be releasing the Flash Interludes from the First Quarto to the public.  I'll be putting out one a week, culminating in an unreleased Flash Interlude that comes after Prismatic Men. 

It's a huge teaser for the end of the Second Quarto (coming out in March or so) so don't miss it.

Third! I'm aiming to release the next installment (aforementioned Prismatic Men: Part Two) on December 15th, but due to various holidaymaking requirements with my beta readers it may be a Christmas present instead. 

Finally, I'll be bugging you all with some fun appearances and extras stuff this weekend, and then I promise I'll lay off the e-mails. 

You're all amazing. Thank you so much.  If there's one thing I can be grateful for this year, it's you guys. 


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Alex Penland