Well, it's November 29th, and after a month of hard work, tons of research, and furious writing...

I totally bombed NaNoWriMo. Tapped out at 20k, although my wordcount on the site is even less than that.

I've actually only ever won once, in 2014, because it was the worst year of my life. I wrote a wandering, fun, easy story about a bookstore that gets abducted by aliens (one which I'm still editing) and juuust slipped in under the deadline. Usually I'm a little over-ambitious, which was the case here: Antikythera required WAY more research than I'd initially expected. I'm apparently at the point in my Classical education where I know enough to know I know absolutely nothing.

Never fear, of course! The Letter Mage was my NaNoWriMo failure of 2016, and Antikythera is very much not going anywhere. The plot is wonderful, I love the main character (as violent as she is), and I cannot wait to see where the novel goes.

Hope everyone out there who celebrates has had a wonderful NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving. Here's to the end of the year--December's going to be great.

Alex Penland